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The DVSA requires instructors to have specific knowledge. Joy the owner of Kims, with 47 years experience will teach you these skills to enable you to qualify as an approved driving instructor (A.D.I.). She has an extremely high pass rate and over the past 10 years numerous trainees have passed their exams under her guidance benefitting from her wide experience and knowledge. 

 To qualify you must be 21, have held a full licence for a minimum of 3½ years and be able to read a vehicle number plate from at least 90ft (27.5 metres). You can wear spectacles or contact lenses for the test. Training is flexible and can be arranged to suit individual requirements.

The Examinations: The DVSA set a three part examination. You must pass each stage before moving on to the next.

Part One – Theory/Hazard Perception

The overall pass mark for the exam is 85 out of 100 questions correct.

The exam consists of one hundred multiple choice questions. Subjects include:

1.     Road Procedures

2.     Car Control

3.     Basic Mechanical Knowledge

4.     Highway Code

5.     Instructional Techniques

Subjects are arranged into four bands, each with an 20% pass mark. The overall pass mark for the exam is 85%.

Hazard Perception Test

Candidates watch 14 clips on a computer. Each clip has one hazard, except one which has two. Candidates click for a developing hazard, which would involve the car slowing down or changing direction. Each hazard has a score of up to five points, depending on the timing of response. The pass mark is 57/75. You will have one and a half hours to answer 100 multiple choice questions, and then sit the hazard perception test.

After passing Part I candidates have 2 years to pass parts II and III.

Part Two – Driving

Only three attempts are allowed for this test.

In car training- 10 hourly lessons are given on a one-to-one basis to re-educate driving skills to DVSA requirements.

Following an eyesight test and five questions on basic car maintenance (‘show me / tell me’) the driving test is conducted by a DVSA supervising examiner. The test is approximately one hour long. You will be expected to drive professionally in a disciplined manner along various routes to demonstrate your ability to manoeuver and control the car safely.

The test includes 2 reversing excercises and a controlled (emergency) stop. 

Part Three

You are allowed three attempts for this test.

To prepare for this test you will receive 40 hours of training: in-car as per DVSA stipulations to teach students to become driving instructors.

The test takes place in the car and is approximately one hour long. The examiner will sit in the rear of the car and observe a 45 minute driving lesson watching you teach either a learner driver or full licence holder. The result of this test can be grade A (43 to 51) pass mark, grade B (31 to 42) and fail (30 and below). If a candidate scores 7 or below in the risk management section this will result in a fail regardless of whether the candidate has scored over 30. 

 We recommend that preparation for part I examination should be home study until you have reached the required standard. Part II and III will be delivered by your trainer Joy. The DBS check all persons wishing to become a driving instructor must have this check. Application can be made online here. After receiving the DBS certificate you can then register with the DVSA and book your examinations. 

 Examination costs- 

•         A.D.I examination fees: Part I £90, Part II: £111, Part III: £111

•         Trainee license – £140 (valid for 6 months)(Payable after passing Parts 1 & II and taking 40 hrs training)

•         A.D.I license – £300 (Payable when fully qualified and valid up to and renewable every 4 years).

Part 1 Training

Preparation. Home study material, e-mail and telephone support, plus mock test

Part 2 Training

One to one in car training, 10 hours

Part 3 Training

In car training, leading to exam, 40 hours + requirement needed to apply for trainee license


Only £2000

If you have passed Part I and require individual training for either Part II or III, this is charged at £40 per hour (discounts for block bookings). 

Please call or email us to arrange your driver instructor training – contact Kims FREEPHONE on 0808 123 1950 or 01708 608773 from 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday or Saturday 9am till 6pm. Alternatively you can request a call back from here.

Get in touch to become a driving instructor 

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